Swales Online Academy is an independent online school in South Africa offering a unique approach to education using innovative digital and video teaching techniques. Our convenient and flexible online learning environment is suitable for parents looking for an alternative to mainstream schooling but still want to ensure a high standard of education for their child.


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Swales Online Academy
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Our online portal is designed to provide a holistic approach to education and break down the barriers of traditional teaching. As part of a digital rich community, we strive to guide 21st-century students through their educational career with video lessons, online materials, and full-time teaching support.

OUR HIGHLY QUALIFIED and experienced teachers deliver a variety of interactive lessons, including streamlined presentations and one-to-one mentoring. Individual feedback and high-standard assessments are also provided online.

Swales Online Academy, an online school in South Africa portal equips students for a digitally advanced future while allowing individuals to progress in a balanced and structured online learning environment.

Swales Online Academy | Online School in South Africa