Does your child spend too much time in front of the TV? Are you concerned that this may be stunting their development?

If yes, then don’t worry. The below simple, yet stimulating, brain training exercises for kids will help improve their cognitive skills, their concentration, and their memory. Plus, they are so much fun, it won’t even feel like they are learning.

Top 5 Brain Games For Kids

Whatever age your kids are, you will find a brain training game for them below. From basic brain games for younger children to more advanced brain training techniques for teens, keep reading to discover five awesome brain developing games for you to play with your kids.

Plus, don’t worry if your child prefers to learn online. There are several online brain training exercises for kids that can be carried out on their phone or tablet.

Exercise #1: Building Blocks

Ideal for younger children, blocks have been the go-to brain training and development game for kids aged 2+ for many years. With the ability to help improve their colour and shape recognition, promote creativity, and build spatial awareness, all you need to do is get out some blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes and watch as they explore. Lego is ideal for older children, whilst blocks suitable for smaller children.

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Exercise #2: I Spy

Another super simple brain game, I Spy can be enjoyed by all ages but is best suited to those between 5-11 years old. This popular (and free) game offers many advantages, including increasing their attention span, developing language, and increasing their spatial awareness.

You can play this game inside or out, or to take this game up a notch, why not create your own scavenger hunt?

Exercise #3: Spot the Difference

Traditionally this game is enjoyed on paper, but you can find lots of different versions of Spot the Difference online if your child prefers to learn via a screen.
Other beneficial brain training games that can be enjoyed either off or online include card matching, memory games, and word searches.

Exercise #4: Concentration & Memory Games

There are many games that you can play to improve your child’s concentration, with different ones for each age group.
For younger children, try lining up a selection of toys or objects, covering them up, and then taking one away. See if your child can identify which one is missing. For pre-teens, try placing 10-15 objects on a tray, covering them up, and then asking them to name all the items.

Excersie #5: Human Thesaurus

Great for older children who are trying to improve their literacy skills, this brain training game involves choosing a simple word such as “tired” and then trying to think of as many synonyms as possible in a set timeframe.

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