Have you just made the switch from physical schooling to online? It can be overwhelming as you will find that there are some differences in learning online and a new set of challenges. Swales Online Academy are committed to helping students transition smoothly from physical schooling to online learning. We are sharing 5 of our top tips to help those new students make the switch successfully.

5 Tips for Transitioning to Online Learning

Here are 5 tips to help students transition to online learning. Read our blog for more tips and tricks for online learning.

1. Designate a Work Area

When starting your online learning journey, you need to designate a specific space to work in. This will help you get into the same routine as you would in a classroom. Have your computer, books and stationery all in this one area. Try make it as ‘school-like’ as possible to put you in a working mood.

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2. Remove Distractions

Learning from home can be extremely challenging, particularly because there are so many distractions surrounding you; technology, toys and books, family and other activities that you might enjoy. Once you have set up your workspace, ensure that you remove any thing that may serve as a distraction for you during the school day.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

Online learning is challenging because you can not simply walk up to your teacher and ask her to explain, but it is important to treat online lessons just like you would a normal class. If you don’t understand something that your teacher is explaining, don’t be afraid to keep asking. If you don’t understand during solo working, reach out to your teacher via the email address or number that was given to you. It is so important to reach out of there is content that you don’t understand.

4. Stay Organised

The secret to a successful online schooling routine is remaining organised. Ensure that you know where everything is on your desk and, especially, on the online student portal. Should your lessons require worksheets be printed, ensure that this is done before the lesson starts and that you have everything you need. It can be so easy to fall behind the class if you are disorganised, and even more so in online learning, therefore, you want to stay on top of things. By remaining organised, you can see well in advance if you are starting to slip up and receive help before it is too late.

5. Refrain from Asking Parents for Help

When you go to school, you don’t have your parents to ask for help. Refrain from asking your parents for help, particularly during school hours, as this will make it difficult to determine your progress. It can be tempting having an adult at home all day with you, but it is important to work on your own. When you cheat, the only person that you are fooling is yourself.

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