As most students know, a major part of schooling is answering questions in the form of essays. However, many students are losing out on easy marks simply because they do not know the basic tips on how they can improve their academic writing. Swales Online Academy strive to deliver a quality education to our students, which is why we are sharing 5 essay writing tips that will help you to improve your essay writing this year.

How to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing

Read through these tips to help you improve your academic essay writing. For more student tips, visit the Swales Online Academy blog.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan!

You may be tired of hearing this, but this is the ultimate secret to a successful essay. Planning allows you to organise your thoughts, brainstorm ideas and determine the general direction of your essay. Without planning, most essays lack direction, contain ideas that are all over the place and lack substance. Take the time to create a mind map or write down as many points as possible- knowing what you are going to say and when you are going to say it will also save you a lot of time when you are writing.

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2. Avoid Repetition

When writing an essay, you want to avoid repeating yourself or going back to the same point. When possible, make a statement, elaborate on it then move on to your next point. Continuing to bring up the same point without obvious purpose can be seen by the marker as โ€˜wafflingโ€™. Same applies for a word that you may find yourself using throughout

3. Research

You can have the most beautifully written essay, however, you will lose marks if your research is incorrect. It is vital to do thorough research before making a statement to ensure that what you are writing is, in fact, correct. If you canโ€™t back-up what you are saying, then it is wiser to leave it out and replace it with information that you can back-up.

4. Proofread

So many lost marks can be prevented simply by the student having read through their work before submitting it. Take the time to sit down and read through your essay extremely slowly. Since you are the author of the essay, reading through it quickly will often result in skipping over errors as your brain automatically fill-in what you intended to write. By reading slowly, your brain is more likely to pick up grammatical and spelling errors as well as other inconsistencies.

5. Get a Second Opinion

If it is possible, have a trusted friend, sibling or parent read your essay. Having someone else read your work may see that they pick up errors that you may have missed. What makes sense in your mind, might not read so smoothly in another. Therefore, getting a second, or even third, opinion is never a waste of time.

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