Equipping your child with the right organisational skills is extremely important in child development. These skills are crucial as they will be used throughout their schooling career and be taken with them into adulthood. Swales Online Academy provides children with the essential skills that they need to function efficiently in society.

Help Your Child Develop Their Organisational Skills

Here are 4 ways to assist your child in effectively developing their organisational skills. For more tips on online learning and child development, visit the Swales blog.

1. Use Checklists

These is an extremely effective way to build organisational skills in your child. Creating a checklist for them helps them learn an effective routine, such as before bedtime or in the morning. You can have a ‘wake up routine’ checklist, reminding your child to make their bed, get dressed, brush their teeth and pack their bag, and a ‘night-time routine’ with reminders to unpack their bag, bath and brush their teeth and make sure they have the correct uniform ready for the next day.

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2. Create a Household Schedule

This works especially well if you have more than one child. Creating a household schedule with assigned chores gives children a sense of responsibility, helps them obtain organisational skills and solidifies their role in the home. Distribute age-appropriate chores, such as washing dishes, taking out the trash, feeding their pets, unpacking the dishwasher and tidying their rooms.

3. Prepare for The Next Day in Advance

Instil exceptional organisational skills in children by encouraging them to prepare for the upcoming day beforehand. Have them unpack their old lunchbox, pack any sports gear they may need, the books that they will need and anything else that they take with them or will use in the next morning. If they learn from home, then have them prepare their working space- you can even get them to prepare their lunch for the next day.

4. Initiate a Weekly Clean-up

This is a great practice to ensure that things stay organised in your child’s life. Initiating a weekly clean-up entails cleaning out their bag, organising their home workspace, as well as cleaning their bedrooms and other spaces that they frequent. Doing this on a Sunday ensures that the upcoming week can begin on a fresh note with everything organised and in it’s rightful place.

Start Your Child’s Online Journey Today

Develop your child’s organisational skills through giving them more independence in their studies. Online learning with Swales offers children the unique opportunity to learn from the safety of their own home with the help of qualified and highly trained teachers. For more information on Swales Online Academy visit our website or enrol your child today.

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