Taking tests can be an extremely stressful time for students all over the world. Not only do tests require a significant amount of preparation which often determines how well you do, but your mindset can also greatly influence your performance. Swales Online Academy is committed to equipping students with the skills that they need to excel academically. Read on for 5 test tips that will guarantee an improvement in performance.

5 Test-taking Tips to Ensure Excellence

Here are 5 test hacks that will help keep you calm when writing a test and make the most of the time that you have. For more academic tips, visit our blog page.

1. Plan Enough Time to Study

This is extremely important. You cannot expect to do well if you study two nights before a big test. Determine how much needs to be studied and delegate sufficient time per section. Rather give yourself a bit of extra time than too little time. By having a plan of what you are going to study and when, you will also feel calmer during your preparation.

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2. Get Enough Sleep the Night Before

You may have seen in the movies that the character spends the whole night cramming before the big test. This is the worst thing that you can do for yourself, as you will find that your brain is foggy and slower than normal. Rather set aside enough time to study in the days prior to the test and get at least eight hours of sleep the night before.

3. Read Through the Test

This is a great way to get ahead before the test. By reading through the test first, you familiarise yourself with the questions and allow your sub-conscience to process and recall what you are being asked. You can also avoid the frustration of answering a question in detail, only to find the next question asks what you have already spent ten minutes writing.

4. Go Back to the Difficult Questions

This is extremely important to ensure that you get the most marks possible. By skipping and going back to the harder questions, you are giving yourself a chance to get the most marks possible by answering the questions that you are confident with. Instead of wasting time pondering a question that you may get wrong, rather focus on what you know you will get right and go back to the trickier questions.

5. Read Over Your Answers

If you finish the test with time to spare, donโ€™t sit back and relax. Go back to the beginning and read the question, as well as your answer. This will give you a chance to ensure that you have read and answered the question correctly and what you have written makes sense. Often when we are rushing against the clock and stressed, we tend to leave out words which may lead to misunderstanding a question or writing an answer that does not make sense.

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