Have you noticed that the top students are often expert note takers? It is almost impossible to expect your brain to retain all the information that you teacher gives you which is why it is worth mastering the art of note-taking as soon as possible. Swales Online Academy are sharing how to write notes when studying and in class to ensure you stay on top of things!

How to Write Better Study Notes

If you want to improve the way that you write notes, Swales Online Academy are sharing 5 simple tips to help you improve. Visit our blog for more academic tips and hacks.

1. Highlight the Important Parts First

When looking at a lot of information, it can be overwhelming. Start by underlining with pencil or highlighting the important points of each paragraph. This will help you feel more in control and organised by knowing exactly what needs to be recorded.

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2. Try Stick to Keywords

It is proven that writing keywords is better than writing full sentences when you are trying to retain information. By writing full sentences, your brain gets lazy and simply reads the information given to it. If you write keywords, your brain is forced to recall what information those keywords hold, which is more useful when you are trying to remember information.

3. Summarise then Mindmap

After you have highlighted the important bits, you then can write them out or use keywords for each section. From these summarised notes it is a great idea to put the most important elements into a mindmap. This will allow you an β€˜at a glance’ sheet of the most important notes. Mindmaps are also proven to be extremely effective in helping students retain information.

4. Keep them In One Place

It is pointless having great notes that are scattered all over your room out of order. Keep a book that is solely for notes and keep it neat, dated and well headed so that you know where each section starts and finishes. Having them all in one place will make you feel more organised and in control of your learning.

5. Focus on the Hard Stuff

It is a waste of time and energy writing detailed notes on sections that are straight-forward general knowledge. Focus on writing notes on the hardest sections so that you spend the right amount of time learning it instead of running out of time and rushing through. Study the easy stuff last to ensure that you know the more complicated sections.

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