In a world taken over by technology, it is safe to assume that the landscape of teaching is forever changing. Modern teaching pedagogies such as, cross over learning and adaptive teaching strategies are more of a reality than what it was yesteryear. Now more than ever the argument remains that learners are more engaged in the actuality of learning taking place in their everyday society without the restrictions of an old school brick and mortar style of education.

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Swales Online Academy’s Modern Approach to Learning

Mainstream education in many aspects battle to keep up with the consistent change in landscape and along the way, has fallen way short of actualizing the full potential of the modern-day scholar. Classroom sizes in the majority of the less fortunate school setups and an increased load in administrative responsibilities for the educator, has caused a lack of enthusiasm in thinking out of the box. The lack of technological infrastructure makes the progress of online education in a mainstream environment increasingly difficult.

Swales Online Academy has a unique approach to education and what sets them apart is their use of a modernized platform, cutting edge technology and advanced, modernized pedagogies that allows them to create and provide learning content that is worlds apart from their competitors.

Following the ACT approach to education through the means of Curation, Conversation, Correction, Creation and Chaos, Swales Online Academy offers learners an opportunity to make full use of the modern-day pedagogical approach to teaching and learning, ensuring that their learners are not parrot studies, but rather lifelong educationalists, constantly evolving themselves and furthering their knowledge by expanding the way they think and react to different teaching strategies.

Being an online teacher, takes a special person to accomplish. Swales Online Academy is a special brand with a unique structure that blows away the presupposed ideology of what teaching is. Constant evolving and growth of the staff members, creating a diverse environment where teaching and learning is not only interesting and different but also fun. Pushing boundaries can be daunting, and even more so in a digital landscape where the unknown factors are more than before, however, this same digital landscape also provides a unique approach to how the modern-day learner engages in learning and progresses themselves to become stand out leaders in all aspects of society.

Explore, think, engage, are three words that defines Swales Online Academy’s out of the box, modern pedagogical approach to online education and the uniqueness of what they offer in comparison to their competitors. The beauty of this teaching model is that through active engagement and due process, a whole new avenue is created where the modern-day scholar can find their own identity without feeling the need to compete for attention or justification. Progressive, forward-thinking modern-day scholars, gets given an opportunity to explore limitless possibility in paving a way forward that has the potential to change not only the current society, but the society of the future.

Become a part of this process and define yourself with the commonly used word of Barney Stinson from How I met your mother, “legendary”.

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