Durban High School, an all-boys High School in Kwa Zulu natal, Durban, is ever expanding and looking for ways and opportunities to cultivate their brand and evolving with the same pace as technology develops in a fast changing environment. Endorsing an institution such as Swales Online Academy and having them based on their premises, creates a very diverse and unique platform for both the School and Swales Online Academy.


What does this mean for Swales Online Academy?  

Swales Online Academy, in many ways is a unique, and most certainly one-of-a-kind setup that has the potential to blast education as a whole into a new dimension, creating a different set of skills in today’s technologically driven student. Being endorsed by Durban High School, gives Swales a platform to stand on that is well renowned across South Africa. With Durban High School being a very culturally diverse school, Swales Online Academy has an opportunity to expand their own barriers and create an environment where barriers of learning, such as Culture, Language and Socio-Environmental factors will no longer be a factor because everyone is catered for in a unique way, enabling students to be the best versions of themselves. 


Why Swales Online Academy? 

Swales Online Academy staff are constantly developing and evolving, and having the opportunity to be endorsed by a traditional boy’s school such as Durban High School, gives them the opportunity to share the state of the art facilities that are on offer on campus. Swales Online Academy and Durban High School staff work together, creating an information and resource rich environment where both teaching institutions gets gain from. Swales Online Academy is a fast-moving, ever evolving learning institution that certainly pushes boundaries faster and harder than any other online institution in South Africa. The Business Head, Lauren Jacquin, leads a very capable staff, and with her excellent educational mindset, she is constantly bringing new ideas to pen and paper to put Swales Online Academy in the middle of the spotlight, time and time again. 


Credibility in an online world 

Covid-19 had a massive impact on so many people’s lives and the alarming pace at which teachers, globally had to adapt to a new way of teaching, Swales Online Academy certainly has an edge over each of their competitors, having the backing of a well-known, top traditional boy’s school such as Durban High School. The credibility that this provides speaks volumes in terms of where modern education is moving towards. Swales Online Academy will continually push boundaries and diversify themselves to such an extent that they will become untouchable in the online educational sphere. This alone, shows the importance of having the right backing and the name Durban High School itself, without a doubt provides that credibility. 

Explore, Think, Engage, three words that stand out and embodies what Swales Online Academy brings to the table for education. Durban High School places a strong emphasis on traditional values and a sound moral code, and having Swales Online Academy form part of their holistic team certainly bodes well to the future of brilliant young minds. This certainly gives these three aforementioned words, the capacity to drive its own personal identity which is Swales Online Academy, into the next generational educational sphere of the modern day world.