Tech savvy parents are now the in thing when it comes to challenging the youth of today to push their boundaries. It is of paramount importance that parents in the digital sphere of today be heavily involved in the development and nurturing of core skills that will enable them to be
successful in the online learning environment.

Why is it important for parents to be involved?

The World Wide Web or the internet as we know so well, has many dark and mysterious corners which has the potential to impact or corrupt the minds of today’s youth. Parents need to understand and realise that the day and age we are finding ourselves to be in, is not the same comfortable, happy go lucky, easy to live and survive era of yesteryear. The advancements made in technology is in many aspects creating headaches that never had to be
dealt with before, and all of a sudden, parents being hands on is more of a need than ever before. It is easy to get sucked in by the lure of what the online world can offer and get lost in a myriad of ideologies that has the potential to change perceptions and perspectives. Parents play a vital
role in ensuring that online safety measures are put in place to ensure a wholesome, interactive online environment rather than a futuristic destructive mess.

Responsibility vs Mindfulness

Being understanding and gauging the impact of online learning and the use of gamification in students today plays a vital role in parents actually getting a broader picture of what the ramifications are in terms of long term development and advancing in a digital space. However just understanding what the online world is about, does not take away our responsibility as parents or educators to ensure that we teach our future leaders how to be mindful and responsible whilst being online.

The onus rests on us to ensure that we teach, and show students the correct way of referencing the internet. Being present is of cardinal importance. Aurora D. Bonner, writer and educator says that it is important to look after your mental health and physical wellness when finding yourself in the digital space. Not just do we lead by example when it comes to the online world, but we also ensure that no matter how much the social environment might have changed because of various outside factors, we can still be equipped to look after ourselves and becoming aware of the dangers, but also creating and finding a midway where both parent and learner is equally comfortable expressing themselves.

Swales Online Academy’s approach to Online Learning and parent involvement

Explore, think, engage is what Swales Online Academy offers and their approach to Online learning is a concept that might not be new, but the execution is revolutionary and different than most. This sets them worlds apart from their competitors and creates an advantage for their students that few has.

Swales Online Academy places a lot of emphasis on communication and ensures that parents are constantly involved in the development of their children. Safety first, is of paramount importance and finding a balance between all of the clutter we call the internet is so important, this awesome online school hits it right on the head by creating an atmosphere of expression and the freedom of creativity within the bounds of a healthy and nurturing perception in learning and engaging with online resources.