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Our Values

Imagine a place where the power of your mind has no limits. Swales Online Academy is this space. Progressive, forward thinking, and interactive engagement is only but a small drop in the bucket on the road to your child’s future. We recognize that our students come from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. We promote tolerance and acceptance of each other’s differences and encourage sharing these differences. We strive for excellence in our presentation of engaging learning experiences, student intervention and assessment. We also strive to instil in our students the value of giving of one’s best and getting the most out of each day.


Our Vision

Our motto of Explore, Think and Engage encompasses beyond teaching a child to develop a love for learning that stretches beyond a prescribed syllabus. We aim to promote self-paced learning and encourage learners to study any time, any place in the world and in the comfort of their homes, whilst accessing world-class learning resources. It is vital that all students are engaged and actively involved in their learning experience at Swales. We want our learners to study smarter, not harder

Our People

Our qualified teachers act as guides and are equipped to enable your child to explore and expand their academic boundaries, way of thinking and skills. Online schooling requires self-motivation and discipline on the part of our students. Our teachers are available to teach, guide and assist but we also aim to give our students tools and to teach them skills so that they can take responsibility for their role in their education. We continuously develop our staff through extensive training programmes to ensure they stay on top of current pedagogical educational trends.


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