Discover a new and exciting way of learning and get to know more about online schooling in South Africa at Swales Online Academy. Our unique teaching platform offers students the opportunity to learn via our state of the art portal. With this innovative technology, we pride ourselves in providing an inclusive and holistic approach to education.

A typical school day is similar to traditional educational establishments but without the constraints of a classroom environment. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are available full-time to support and nurture students with a blended and structured curriculum. We can also support progression through to National Senior Certificate level.

As part of our commitment to students and parents, our platform is available to everyone for an honest and open style of learning.

Accessibility for everyone is also paramount at Swales Online Academy. Our portal provides a way for all pupils to get first-class teaching wherever they are. Lessons can be accessed on most devices, and pre-recorded options are available for all students.

Our curriculum encompasses subjects from Grade 4 to 9, including English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Technology plus many other topics.

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Swales Online Academy was founded on our commitment to provide accessible and inclusive education to all pupils of all abilities.

We’re named after Edwin (Ted) Swales, an iconic figure in South African history. Swales was a pilot and Second World War hero and proved an invaluable part of the war effort. He was also awarded the Victoria Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross for his valiant role.

In his early life, Swales was a Boy Scout, attended high school then moved into a position at Barclays Bank. He was also a keen sportsperson and enjoyed rugby, where he played for several teams with a military affiliation.

Life in the military saw Swales move up the ranks quickly, where he was promoted to Captain in 1944. He sadly lost his life in 1945 after completing 100 bombing raids. His bravery and strong-minded character remind us that education and broad-mindedness can take you in many directions in life. Swales’s strength and spirit also inspires our ethos and culture at Swales Online Academy.

About Online Schooling in South Africa