At Swales Online Academy, we offer the comprehensive range of standard CAPS curriculum subjects. See Below. Our highly qualified teachers are experienced in delivering online lessons. Plus, resources and materials are also provided for each subject and lesson to support video learning.

The higher grade of 10-12 will be phased in annually from 2022, so if you start your child with Swales now there will be no need to move them to a different school in the future.

Registration for CAPs curriculum

When choosing Swales Online Academy for your child’s education, it is advisable to register the pupil with the Department of Education. However, for when we do have students in Grade 10-12, we take care of the registration details. If you’d like more information on registering pupils for homeschooling, please contact us.

Registration for Swales Online Academy can be completed online. Contact us about eLearning in South Africa from Swales Online Academy

CAPS curriculum online subjects

We cover a range of subjects that equip students for progression to higher education, including:

In the future, the Cambridge curriculum will be offered as part of our online program and eLearning in South Africa from Swales Online Academy. Currently, subjects are only offered in English. Zulu will also be run as an additional second language in 2022.

Each grade level is evaluated with our high-standard assessments.

Resources and materials to support virtual teaching

Our comprehensive learning style and innovative portal provide a range of resources and materials for students. All curriculum workbooks are added to the platform and are inclusive of school fees.

Online schooling via video learning

All subjects are delivered through our innovative portal. Similar to a typical school day, our team of experienced teachers are available full-time to guide pupils through each subject to achieve the best outcome. Our virtual teaching platform is designed to equip students with everything they need, including one-to-one support and essential resources. Parents can also logon to view progress and chat with teachers about individual requirements.

eLearning in South Africa