Explore a new way of learning at Swales Online Academy. Our unique portal opens up an exciting and blended style of education that can be accessed by everyone.

Our unique video learning portal

At Swales Online Academy, we understand that mastering the basics and moving onto higher education is an aspiration for many pupils. However, this journey can be challenging in traditional classroom environments. To breakdown the constraints of conventional learning, we have a specialised teaching portal to support and nurture digital and remote-based study.

The online portal has been designed to teach students using CAPS, curriculum-based video, and media lessons. We currently cover grades 4-9 and use high standard assessments while taking a modern approach to exams and study. Grades 10-12 will be phased in annually from 2022.

Students will enjoy a variety of interactive lessons via the portal, with everything from seamless presentations to one-on-one support. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are also available full-time to mentor pupils alongside full access to resources on the platform.

To ensure an open and honest relationship between us, parents, and pupils, portal login details are available so everyone can monitor progression and achievements.

The digital age of learning is the next step in innovative teaching, and we have developed a streamlined process to provide continuous education, whatever the pupil’s circumstances. Contact us to find out more about what is online learning.


Benefits of online learning

What is online learning has been the question most individuals ask today. Online learning in South Africa is fast becoming one of the best ways to study a range of subjects. Research has shown that the brain processes video more quickly than text, so this style of education is said to increase student engagement, which in turn improves academic achievement.

There are many benefits to our online learning portal at Swales Online Academy. Pupils can learn at a pace suited to their abilities, and still retain a good level of education with full-time support. This style of study is also ideal for students and parents that are adapting to challenges faced by the traditional education system.

Swales Online Academy portal incorporates a variety of lesson types and structures to support learning. Lessons can be pre-recorded if students are unwell and need to catch up, plus everything can be accessed on many devices, so study is not interrupted.

The platform enables fast and effective sharing of supplementary tools and materials. These resources are readily available and attached to video lessons to provide comprehensive information for specific lessons and subjects.

Why you should choose Swales Online Academy for your child’s education

We strive to offer an inclusive and accessible style of learning for all pupils, no matter their circumstances. The pandemic has created many challenges in traditional education, and to ensure uninterrupted progression, our online portal is the perfect solution.

Our academy is suitable for students that are unable to attend school for health reasons, and for those with cultural and sports affiliations that travel frequently.

The portal encompasses everything a student requires to progress in education without the barriers of traditional learning. By choosing our academy, you will support your child to achieve the best of their abilities while embracing an innovative and nurturing approach to teaching.

Online Learning in South Africa